“Photography is a love affair with life” - Burk Uzzle
As a child, I was always intrigued by the camera that my father used to make pictures. I soon received my own, a Konica pop in 1982. Eversince I have been photographing wherever I go and always carry a camera with me. I enjoy photographing people as naturally as possible. I try to avoid posing and use as much natural light as possible. Atmosphere and emotions are the most important for me not only for photographing but also for making videos.
Besides my passion for photography, I'm an educator. Click here for more information.
Turning everyday life into art, interview Mina Art Magazine - december 2022
Women Street Photographers exhibition, Indian Photo Festival - 2022
Urban Photo Race Rotterdam, nominated - 2022
Pandemic, Museum Hilversum - 2020
Corona Closeup, Photobook Care4Corona - 2020
Het verhaal achter de foto, interview Care4Corona - augustus 2020
Women Street Photographers, honorable mention KLPF Exhibition - 2020
Zo is Zuilen Magazine - 2020-2022
Zoom, feedback - april 2020
Op adem, interview - maart 2020
CS Amsterdam Magazine - 2016
2nd photocontest 'Utrecht bruist' - 2011
18th contest Fotomagazine - 2009
If you have any questions about photoshoots, prints, workshops or anything else, please feel free to contact me: mail@fanjahubers.nl.

KVK 55620396
Utrecht, the Netherlands